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Jacket Kettle
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Titling Steam Heating Jacket kettle

* SUS 304/ 316L
* Mirror polished interior surface
* Satin Polished Exterior surface
* Heating & Cooling Jacket available
* Can made according to customer's request!
Titling Steam Heating Jacket kettle

The Jacket kettle is always called Steam Kettle, Cooking kettle etc. It’s used for Jam mixing, concentrate etc.  It can efficiently increase the food quality, shorten time & improve the working environment. The tank is always made of Stainless Steel 304 or 316L, all the tanks will be polished to achieve the Sanitary Standard! It’s applied in Food Processing machinery, Cooking in large dinning room etc.
Features include:
-         100% Stainless Steel 304 Construction;
-         Efficient Volume: 500Liters
-         Double jacketed Structure (Three Layers) ;
-         Steam Jacket for Heating with Male Thread Holes
-         50mm PU (Polyurethane) foam Insulation;
-         Interior Surface is Mirror Polished, 3A finished, Ra<=0.22 um;
-         Exterior Surface is Satin Polished, 2B finished;
-         Frame(Anchor) Mixer on the center with ABB Motor & Gear Box (3KW, 60Rpm);
-         HAND Wheel used to tilted the kettle to pour the material out;
-         Open top with 2 pc Hinged lid
-         1.5” Tri-Clmap Outlet at bottom ;
-         Accessories Include: CIP Spraying Ball, Thermometer etc.
Optional Features:
-         Made of Stainless Steel 316L ;
-         Volume can be 50 liters to 2,000Liters
-         Natural Gas heating, Steam heating, Electric heating as options;
-         Inverter to Control Mixing Speed (VSD)
-         Can stand on legs to fix the kettle ;

Technical parameters

Working volume
Dimension of kettle
Heating space
Jacket volume PU Insulation
Motor power
Mixing speed
100 Φ700 0.87 24.2 50 0.55  
200 Φ800 1.23 34.4 50 0.75
300 Φ900 1.65 42.9 50 1.1
400 Φ1100 1.99 52.7 50 1.5
500 Φ1100 2.21 66.75 50 1.5
600 Φ1200 2.43 120 50 1.5
700 Φ1200 2.43 120 50 2.2
800 Φ1300 2.65 142 50 2.2
1000 Φ1300 2.65 142 50 2.2
Additional Details:
Please contact us for shipping quote, drawing specifications, and payment details!!!
30% T/T deposit paid in advance, 70% Balance to be paid before delivery!!!
All fittings on special ordered tanks can be adjusted to your specifications!!!

Fire directed heating Jacket Kettle ;

Electric Heating Jacket Kettle

Steam Heating Jacket Kettle
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