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spherical concentrator

Spherical Concentrator
- For Chinese Medicine
- Stainless Steel 304/316L etc.
- Can make according to your special requirement.
Spherical Concentrator

        Concentrated mainly concentrated spherical tank of the main tank, condenser, vapor-liquid separator, liquid barrel by the four components can be used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries concentrated liquid, distillation, recycling of organic solvents and other technology. As a result of vacuum concentration, therefore concentrated short time, the heat-sensitive material will not destroy the active ingredient.

        The equipment and materials are OCr18Ni19 stainless steel contact parts with good corrosion resistance, durable, and meet the pharmaceutical health requirements.
Parameter / Model QN-300 QN-500 QN-700 QN-1000
Evaporation Kg / h 70 120 145 195
Volume L 300 500 700 1000
Interlayer pressure MPa 0.2
MmHg vacuum 500-620
Heating area 1.1 1.6 2.7 3.1
Cooling surface 3 4 5 10
Weight 380 450 630 950
Dimensions mm L 1900 2050 2100 2335
W 1100 1200 1300 1520
H 2300 2500 2600 2765
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