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Steam Heating BrewHouse

* SUS 304/ 316L
* Mirror polished interior surface
* Satin Polished Exterior surface
* Heating & Cooling Jacket available
* Can made according to customer's request!
Main Equipment:mash tun & lauter tun & kettle whirlpool tun
HGM standard design:10BBL/20BBL/30BBL/40BBL or customized
  • mash tun:mixer(frequency control), bottom and shell jackets
  • lauter tun:with spent grain out door, racking machine(frequency control)
  • kettle whirlpool tun:bottom and shell jackets
  • platform
  • grant/ piping/pumps(frequency control/ single stage heat exchanger/ wort aeration device/ control box
  • temperature controller, manual valves
  • optional:steam condensing pipe /spindle station/ liquor blending system / grist hydrator / pneumatic valves & button control
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