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Keg Washing Machine / Washer

Keg Washing Machine
Keg Washing Machine
Used to Wash the Beer Kegs!

Technology Specification:
Pressure of Steam 0.15 -- 0.2Mpa
Pressure of Air 0.6 -- 0.8Mpa
Pressure of CO2 0.2 -- 0.3Mpa
Pressure of Cylinder 0.4 -- 0.5Mpa
Temp. of Hot Alkali 40- 80 degree
Temp. of Hot Water 40 - 80 degree
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, AC

The main configuration:
-- The system is composed of Frame, The electric control system, solenoid pilot actuated valve, pneumatic components, water flow system etc.

-- With strong power water pump to clean completely;
-- Easy to use;
-- With CO2 prepared presses function;
-- Water saving installment, 50% water off in the cleaning process;
-- With water temperature control device;
-- Steam sterilization, safe & reliable, suitable for stainless steel Barrels;

Single Head Washer

Double Head Washer
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